I’m one of the wily veterans with graying hair, many of which are attempting a getaway. So my perspective on news gathering and on how the newsroom works may differ from some on staff, simply because I come from a different generation or because I have, frankly, just been around longer and know the ropes.

My job, by the way, is, simply put, multitasking – heavy work early in the morning, including planning, coordinating, editing, etc., then a lighter load later in the day, times during which I attempt to improve the product – or irritate my co-workers.

What I want to impart, at least initially, is how the morning deadlines affect how we report and what we report, and what it does to our hairlines and lifespans. Some days can almost kill ya.

Others are easier. Few are that much alike, which is one of the enjoyable facets of newspaper work.

I hope I can provide some sense of what it’s like to be an editor. I’ll try to mix in some humor; that’s what gets me through it anyway, so I’ll share.

Stay tuned.


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