Anyone can do this

post written by Justin StoryThe Daily News is venturing beyond the printed page, stepping further into the metaphorical waters of the Web, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone happier about this development than myself.

A colleague at one of my former employers assessed for me recently the growing influence that blogs and other Internet outlets such as YouTube have when it comes to shaping public opinion and disseminating information about our world. Her words stuck with me:

“The secret is out — anyone can do this.”

These words were said with a tone of trepidation on her part, I think because she recognized the significance of this development but also saw it as a challenge to the newspaper’s traditional role of providing information and commentary about the day’s events.

She has to deal with adapting her newspaper to the changing times by incorporating more features on its Web site and hoping that the investment will be fruitful, but I like the premise that anyone, indeed, can report the news — it suggests to me that more people have a vested interest not just in breaking stories, but also in ensuring a well-informed public.

One could argue that the newspaper’s role in dictating the daily news cycle was supplanted in the 1980s by TV news networks, especially CNN, and that the Internet is now in the process of upending TV as the prime news source for the public.

I would contend, however, that these entities should be viewed not as competitors, but as outlets with the mutual interest of reporting the news, whatever it may be.

If you want the best, most thorough information about Bowling Green, look no further than the Daily News.

Local news is our primary interest, but there are many great sources for national news, and I would recommend any number of them to supplement the local coverage we provide for you.

The more people who have an interest in news, the better. The more outlets people can access for news, the better. The more well-informed a community, the better.

In the service of adding more people to this well-informed community, future posts of mine on this blog will provide additional context to some of the stories I report, insight on how we at the Daily News do what we do and some occasional commentary on the news business in general.

Also, I hope to be able to touch on some of my interests away from reporting.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated — nothing would be more disappointing to me than seeing no public response after writing about how much I enjoy the fact that, because of advancing technology and the public’s increasing need to know, anyone can do this.


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