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post written by Robyn MinorIn Logan County Fiscal Court coverage earlier this month, there wasn’t enough time or space to get in some information that really should have been in there.

Logan County, just like other county governments around the region, is hoping it knows what it takes to develop future leaders – recognize the talents and positive behaviors of its youngest citizens early in life.
Three students at Russellville Middle School were recognized for the entries in a poster contest about radon – an odorless gas that often lurks under and into homes across the region.

Those students, Caleb Wills, Seth Washington and Brandon Jennett, were given plaques by Barren River District Health Department representative Terry Flynn while their parents looked on smiling. Caleb also received second place in the statewide contest.
Flynn said it was the second year that Logan County students had done well in the contest.

At the same meeting, Magistrate Harold Prince gave a hug and gift certificate to teenager Lee Dockins who brought home the gold and several other medals from the Special Olympics in China. Lee, dressed obviously in clothing she purchased in China, glibly accepted the recognition for her work in gymnastics, something she has participated in since a youngster.

Just Wednesday (Nov. 28), the state sent out a news release touting another Logan County student. This time Adairville School student Elizabeth Rafi took second place in the state Transportation Cabinet Adopt-A-Highway poster contest. Elizabeth will get a $50 savings bond for her efforts.

Several other counties around southcentral Kentucky make an effort to recognize youngsters. Warren County Fiscal Court frequently parades students in, giving them handshakes and certificates. The students and parents alike all seem to appreciate the recognition and acknowledge that it encourages students to continue to excel.


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