Game time

 Joe Imel/Daily News

BGHS football players end their practice Thursday with their helmets held high.


post written by Joe ImelI covered Bowling Green High School team’s football practice tonight for a story that will run on Friday’s sports front. It is a preview story of their clash with Owensboro. The Purples had a light practice, just a walk though to get mentally ready for the game. TIme to get focused. They have been at it since temperatures were in the high 90’s and heat indexes were ridiculous. Now we are looking at the low 30’s and just one game at time. While they spent their time walking through each part of the game, I kinda did the same thing tonight to get myself ready to cover the contest at Rash Stadium. Preparation. My walk through and game routine have been pretty much the same over the last 20 years of covering youth, prep, college and professional sports. I am guessing I have covered more than 5,000 games in my time as a photojournalist. And the night before each is always the same. Charge all the batteries, clean the lenses, clear the digital cards, pack three camera bodies, four lenses, two flashes, four compact flash cards, rain gear, gloves, hat, laptop, charger, cables, card reader, find wifi near the stadium, download the rosters and pack it all in the right camera bags for easy access. I could do it in my sleep. I get a bit jittery the night before a big game. I like to get there early to get all the gear ready and walk in with plenty of time to spare. I hate being rushed, because I will forget something, have a setting wrong or just can’t settle into the groove. I worry about getting from the stadium to a place to transmit from. I worry about making my deadline. I worry about making a better picture than any other photographer there. Darn it, I just worry. I’m jacked up before I go shoot a game. I can’t help it. You should have seen me the night before I shot the Titans/Rams Super Bowl. I was outta my mind jacked. It usually takes me about a quarter to get into shooting the game and concentrating on making pictures that tell the story. I’m a bit nervous about the game Friday. But once the ball is kicked off, I am in my office, working my job. See you on the sidelines.


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