The Daily Miracle

post written by Scotty HydeI absolutely love journalism – specifically, print media.

One of my favorite things to do here is go back to the pressroom when that day’s paper is being prepared for printing. I love it when the massive press starts up, creaking as huge rolls of virgin newsprint begin slowly turning, gaining speed and rhythm …

I love the smell of the ink and the sound of the press – when it’s going full on, you can feel it thrumming through your bones. It’s fantastic – I love watching the freshly minted newspapers travel out of the mighty press, carried up and out of the pressroom on a conveyor belt. From there, the newspapers, so far untouched by human hands, travel to the very back of the Daily News building to the area where all those inserts are … well, inserted and the papers are prepared for delivery.

It’s an amazing process that I haven’t gotten used to over the years.

There’s a tired old cliche in newsrooms – we call the newspaper the Daily Miracle. When you consider every aspect that has to come together, every day, to produce a newspaper, it’s no wonder it’s a cliche – it really is a miracle.

I love bringing friends and family members into the newspaper office and showing them through the various stages of a newspaper’s production. I think few people have any idea of what it takes to put out a paper every day. And why should they? So long as it shows up on their doorstep or driveway each day, people don’t need to know what goes into making it, any more than I really need to know exactly how electricity gets from … wherever it originates to the lamp in my living room.

And you’d better believe that when I flip that switch and the lamp doesn’t come on, I call the utility company to find out why, just like our customers call if that newspaper’s not at their doorstep.

If that happens, call our Circulation Department’s customer service number: 783-3200. I don’t know what the electric company’s number is; I’d have to Google it.


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