Call me

Call me behind the times; call me old fashioned. Just call me – don’t text me.
I see reporters texting sources and texting in tips and I watch in amazement. Did they take a class to learn how to do that, I ask myself?
I sat at a ballgame over the weekend and watched the person next to me text friends sitting at other spots in the stadium. It was discreet and his voice didn’t disturb anyone. I thought “good for him.”
I watched my niece, her long nails clicking away on her new phone at a thousand miles a minute, laughing out loud when the responses came in. Anyone who didn’t see the phone might have thought she was just having a random outburst.
Maybe I SHOULD try it. But my plan doesn’t cover texting, so it would cost me. And I’m really cheap.
Then there is also the issue of my big fingertips not being able to hit the individual keys. I have a hard enough time just putting in a phone number. I can’t imagine typing in a whole sentence much less carrying on a full conversation.
The full keyboard I have sitting next to my Mac suits me fine. Anything smaller and I’m in trouble.
Is there a support group available for those of us destined to live in a text-message free world; or perhaps someone can write “Texting for Dummies.”
I will concede that I have taken to e-mailing some of my sources who are difficult to reach by phone. That way they can reply in the middle of the night when they have free time.
So I guess I’m not really against technology, just scared of texting shorthand that means one thing in my mind and something completely different to someone else.
So feel free to call or e-mail story tips to me.


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