Kentucky Christmas

Joe Imel/Daily News
Matt Prater, of Owensboro, decorates a used tire Tuesday outside the the Farm House Fraternity on Chestnut St.

I spent this evening driving around looking for a feature picture. You know, that “slice of life” photo, people just doing. I thought I might get lucky and find people decorating their houses near campus. I heard about a Christmas Week event sponsored by one of the WKU fraternities. I made a few loops around campus and saw a few guys hanging lights at the Farm House Fraternity on Chestnut Street. I overshot a parking spot so I had to circle the block. When I pulled up, I saw they were decorating a used tire hanging from a tree in the front yard. The lights had gone out and Matt Prater was trying to get them working. I was using a D200 with a 12-24mm lens and an SB-800 flash. I wanted to use a little flash to fill in his face and still get the glow of the light. I was shooting at 800 or 1000 ASA with the flash set to under-exposure the scene by 1 stop and using rear-curtain sync (so the flash would fire after the ambient exposure). My exposure was 1/40th at f4. Kinda technical I know, but I think most amatuer photographers would like to know how to make better pictures at Christmas. So much for the numbers. I got down low on the ground to get Matt’s face framed in the tire. I was motordriving through the scene as he was working and probably shot 50 frames (easy to do when you are shooting at 4 frames a second. I kinda like the picture. Not bad for five minutes worth of work, from getting the camera out to getting the cutline info. I hope to post the story behind getting the picture. More later…..


2 Responses to Kentucky Christmas

  1. I really like this picture and it wouldn’t be so bad posting this comment if the writing were a little darker and a little bigger (older eyes make reading a lot harder). I always figured getting good pictures would be a little technincal. Great work.

  2. Ashley Fowlkes says:

    I particularly like how the color stands out against the black. The circle of the tire in the slightly off-center photo border makes for a great focal point. Nice!

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