Raw data supports Purples

In Sunday’s newspaper, I wrote that the Bowling Green Purples would probably find themselves the “public-opinion underdogs” to undefeated Highlands on Friday in the Class 5A state championship game in Louisville.

I stand by that statement. Internet message boards – not that they’re the best indicator of statewide sentiment, but it’s pretty much all we’ve got to go on – seem to lean roughly 70/30 in Highlands’ favor.

Still, a couple of machines support the 13-1 Purples. Both of the state’s major computer rankings – The Courier-Journal’s Litkenhous ratings and the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Cantrall ratings – give slight edges to the Purples.

In both ratings, Bowling Green and Highlands are the third- and fourth-strongest teams, respectively, remaining in the state (trailing, naturally, Class 6A finalists St. Xavier and Trinity). The differences in both ratings are slim – Bowling Green has a 1.3-point advantage in each; 130.9 to 129.6 in the Litkenhous, 93.5 to 92.2 in the Cantrall – which essentially means the final is too close to call.

Meanwhile, the Massey ratings lean toward Highlands, 1.904 to 1.794.

Folks have all sorts of opinions about the value of high school computer rankings. But I thought I’d throw it out there.


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