Tax dollar breakdown

November is a busy month at Warren County Courthouse, with people paying county taxes, many of them grousing the whole time — at a recent visit I overheard someone outside the crowded tax office talk about how people were “lining up to give their money away.”

At Friday’s Warren Fiscal Court meeting, Sheriff Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines reported that of the $40,307,502.96 the county is certified to collect in tax revenue, a total of $31,802,695.37 has been received. Gaines said the 81 percent collection rate in the first month was impressive, but where is the money going?

Here’s a breakdown provided by the county:

Warren County Schools — $15,170,478.55
State of Kentucky — $7,072,250.83
Warren County — $6,636,203.71
County Health Department — $934,802.27
County Sheriff’s Office — $691,667.92
Warren County RECC — $405,012.53
Warren County Cooperative Extension — $280,453.93
Warren County Conservation District — $146,356.10
Alvaton Volunteer Fire Department — $113,460.62
Richardsville Vounteer Fire Department — $84,360.48
Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department — $58,986.37
Plano Volunteer Fire Department — $52,630.84
Browning Volunteer Fire Department — $41,064.44
Smiths Grove Volunteer Fire Department — $33,815.79
Gotts Volunteer Fire Department — $19,581.24
Barren River Volunteer Fire Department — $19,377.45
Hadley Volunteer Fire Department — $11,236.44


One Response to Tax dollar breakdown

  1. Bob Skipper says:

    The payments to the volunteer fire departments represents dues collected by the Sheriff’s Office, not taxes. While the dues are on the property tax bills, they are not mandatory–residents can “opt out” if they so desire, but remain subject to a run fee if services are needed (as allowed by Kentucky law).

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