New job, new state

Cristen KisIt’s been almost six months since I left a Michigan reporting job to become a copy editor in Kentucky. I thought I’d eventually miss writing and the relationships I built with community officials and residents. I’m surprised to find that I don’t. I don’t miss going to various city meetings (some lasted three hours!) after already putting in an eight-hour day. I don’t miss sitting at my desk, staring at the phone, willing it to ring and be the source I needed to talk to – those people always called when a deadline was minutes away. I do miss the people I got to know on my beat, but only to a certain extent. Everyone thought what their department or business was doing was the most important and turned any encounter – business or social – into a personal public relations session.As a copy editor, I now spend my days reading, correcting and turning blank pages into works of art – at least we like to think so! The deadline pressure still looms but it’s more of an exhilarated feeling rather than the exasperation reporters feel when a source calls at the last minute. I like being anonymous, yet still a key part of the newspaper.While I’ve transitioned easily into my new job, I’m still getting used to Kentucky – the Southern accents, the daily sightings of farm animals and, most especially, that the left lane is used for passing only.


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  1. doug shank says:

    i was surprised and elated to hear hal rogers had switched parties and is now a democrat. way to go hal.

  2. Clementine Wabwire says:

    I m a kenyan citizen aged 25 years and married. I would like to apply for a secretarial job in your firm. I have pursued secretarial course upto stage 3.

    I will be happy if you will consider my request as.

    Thanks in advance as I look forward hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfull

    Clementine Wabwire.

  3. You Know Who says:

    Just wanted to say hi

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