Little of this, little of that

We must know what our readers want when deciding what stories to include in our paper each day.

For the most part, inside wire story decisions are mine, though they are sometimes modified by the managing editor or by an alert editor or reporter who sees something wrongfully excluded.

In today’s paper (Wednesday, Dec. 19), for example, after including the hard news of the day that had to be included, I was able to budget what we in the industry call “reader” stories. That’s a loose term that essentially means stories that are about a topic that might not be addressed every day or one that provides insight into our life or culture that is, frankly, “interesting” copy.

Good reader stories from the wire today: “Navy saves teen on cruise ship.” “Kinder, gentler divorces … lawyers and clients collaborate on amicable separations.”

Many of the rest of today’s wire stories were hard news, stories that needed to be published to keep us aware of national and world news events. But when space allows, we provide some spice.

Another brief “reader” item from Page 2: “Bride in a toilet dress planning to tie the knot in public restroom.”


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