The small joys of work

Journalism can be an interesting job. Reporters get to talk to a diverse array of people every day; photographers get to frame the way things are remembered for years to come. Editors, on the other hand, well, we sit behind a computer screen for 40 hours a week.


There is, however, some joy to be had in that, and a big one for me is that I get to see everything. Well, I guess not everything, but a whole lot more than you. This is what I look at on a daily basis (click it):

There’s the national wire, the state wire, the sports wire, the entertainment wire… and this is only half of it. If I’m bored, I can read about whatever I want, a lot of which doesn’t make it into the paper simply because there’s not enough room. The same goes for pictures: If an Associated Press photographer saw it, I can see it; anything that’s available if there for me to peep at the click of a mouse. Some of the pics are breathtaking, some are bizarre… and sometimes there’s something that just makes me laugh. I share with you the pic of the day:

I wish someone had shown this to me sooner… the poor litle guy is still traumatized every time I suggest we take a stroll.



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