A must see–each day

How photos are played on a page can greatly increase chances of someone actually reading the accompanying story.

Running photos large on a page isn’t a formula for success in and of itself. To get big play from a page designer, photos should have a lot to say about the topic.

The photo editing process here mostly is handled by our photo editor, Joe Imel. He’s an immense talent, works harder than anyone I’ve been involved with.

His efforts, and those of his staff, ramp up our product by several notches. Readers are reeled in by quality photos displayed in appropriate, and varying, sizes. We are a visual species, after all. Words create images in the mind, but photos put the story, and a reader’s insight into it, front and center.

The copy desk’s job is much easier with such strong work to deal with in putting pages together. Reading strong writing is one thing, and a must, but without high quality photos, the product can suffer. If a page is designed similarly to the back of an aspirin bottle, few readers will advance to the end of its stories. However, visual quality helps ensure interest. It’s the bait and can be the meat of a story package.

In that regard, this paper and our readers are blessed, believe me. Look around and see for yourself.


One Response to A must see–each day

  1. photoed says:

    Thank, the hard work of the staff photographers and all of the newsroom make the Daily News a solid community paper.

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