The error – an abomination

The following comes from Poynter Online:

“Each misspelled word, bad apostrophe, garbled grammatical construction, weird cutline and mislabeled map erodes public confidence in a newspaper’s ability to get anything right,” a 1998 study commissioned by the American Society of Newspaper Editors concluded. “Even seemingly small errors feed public skepticism about a newspaper’s credibility.”

Errors are a part of the newspaper business. Even the world’s greatest metro papers are peppered daily with corrections, clarifications, etc. It is just the nature of the business.

However, great pains must be taken to minimize errors. There is absolutely no reason to ever misspell a name. Ever. But, it happens through carelessness.

The editing process here is as follows:

•First edits are by senior editors.

•Second edits go to a team of copy editors, known as a copy desk.

•Three edits on each story is the norm.

•Mock ups of pages are then edited two – and sometimes more – times.

The most important edit, however, comes from the reporter editing his or her own copy before submitting it for publication.

We strive to teach the importance of accuracy. Our reporters and editors know how important it is to get the facts and report them.

Credibility is crucial and a closely guarded part of a newspaper’s personality.

Our policy is to correct errors that occur on Page 1 on Page 1. Errors that occur on inside pages are corrected on Page 2.

Sports errors generally are corrected on the Sports section front.

Know that we and all newspapers battle this problem and are aware of the impact errors can have.


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