Bowling Green for $2,000, Alex

The category was colorful cities — or something like that. To be honest, I was watching Jeopardy — the TV quiz show — out of the corner of an eye Monday. I did glance over when host Alex Trebek read the clue — something like: “This colorful city is the home of Western Kentucky University.”

Of course, the answer was a no-brainer — except for the three contestants. No one ventured even a guess. It was up to Trebek to reveal the answer. ‘What is Bowling Green?” he told the chagrined contestants.

Guess it just shows that you can know a lot about 17th Century French poets and still not be intellectually well-rounded …


One Response to Bowling Green for $2,000, Alex

  1. Anonymous Male says:

    This is indicative of the rest of America. It is what bothers me about the Brandenburg show and others that seem to think WKU deserves all the recognition of Big 12, SEC or Big 10 Schools. Guess what? No one outside of Kentucky has ever even heard of Western Kentucky University. WKU and your whining fans need to get over yourselves. Not knowing where Western Kentucky University is located is not an indication that you are “not well-rounded” it just means you’re normal and don’t live in Bowling Green.

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