Soccer slugged

Interestingly, WKU’s decision to eliminate men’s soccer has stirred quite a passionate response from some former players and those in the community who are involved in the sport in some way.

A recent protest march drew a crowd of 200 or so.

I wonder if, practically, WKU really had another route to take. It could have sliced small amounts from all sports programs. But then you get into the bread and butter of athletics on the Hill. No way was football going to get scaled back, unless WKU’s back was against the wall even more in terms of cuts.

Basketball programs draw fans, too. Soccer does not draw well at all.

What should WKU have done instead of cutting the sport and why? At a point when IA football is being built up, would you cut there? Men’s and women’s basketball?

If you were the AD, what would you have done and what would you base your decision on?


4 Responses to Soccer slugged

  1. Anonymous Male says:

    Cut soccer. He did the right thing. Why perpetuate something that isn’t drawing a crowd and isn’t making money to help the athletic budget? Just make soccer an intramural sport and get on with it. I praise the AD for having the CO Jones to do it.

  2. john davis says:

    How does it make sense to enhance and expand the football program when your budget has been cut? Kind of like filling the swiming pool of the Titantic with water right after it’s encounter with the iceberg, This will be the ruin of WKU in the long run.

  3. Heather says:

    Just think of the soccer players who chose to attend WKU due to scholarship and dreams–what will happen to them now? How can WKU cut an entire program? Surely there were better options!! As an alumni, I am extremely disappointed and angry.

  4. mike denney says:

    I think WKU should work as quickly as possible to expand club soccer, playing all games out at the Lover’s Lane complex, which already uses some pretty neat solar technology to pay it’s electric bills, and boasts a great sunset every night.

    I don’t understand WKU’s budgeting and don’t want to. The massive football scoreboard seems monolithic and ‘budgeted’ toward showing the scores to only those in paying attendance, and cost enough to justify throwing ‘soccer a bone’.

    We should not forget that Bowling Green proudly sponsors International Day once a year, and now we’ll have dozens of foreign nationals there remembering they can’t play the world sport here anymore.

    Instead of creating a ‘gated community’ of Greeks and other non-essentials at WKU, why not send a true message to the community that we are at least internationally-capable and use Lover’s Lane & WKU’s own rugby and softball areas out on Dishman Lane to continue to support our soccer players?

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