MOVIES: Live Oscar Thoughts

There’s always something exciting about Oscar day. The anticipation kind of makes it like the Super Bowl for movie lovers. With a strike shortened award season, this year’s event should be a lot of fun.

 As the Red Carpet is flooded with nominees and ‘A’ List celebrities, the moment of the night may have just taken place.

On the ‘E’ Channel, Ryan Seacrest was about to interview Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney when Gary Busey came in and proceeded to scare the daylights out of Seacrest and the ladies. All I can say for Busey is perhaps he should skip the ceremony and head straight to Celebrity Rehab.

It was one of the most awkward moments I can ever recall on a red carpet and I’m sure it’s going to be replayed for years to come. It is also the perfect example of why this whole red carpet process makes for fascinating television. 

 And the awards begin with a few surprises.

First they skipped a big award and went to Costumes, which went to Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I will admit the costumes were probably the best thing about Elizabeth, but I really thought Atonement, La Vie En Rose or even Sweeney Todd was more deserving.

Animated Feature (Ratatouille) and Make-up (La Vie En Rose) go as expected, but Golden Compass just upset Transformers for Visual Effects. With Compass and Elizabeth already getting awards, I guess that means its OK to be mediocre.

Sweeney Todd wins Art Direction, a category that seemed to be a shoo-in for There Will Be Blood. That’s not a good sign if you are hoping for Blood for a Best Picture upset.

As expected Bardem takes Best Supporting Actor.

It looks like they are spreading out the major awards this year, like they did last year, and are speeding through the technical awards.

Now that the Animated and Live Action shorts are out of the way, most people will return to their living rooms. My picks were just guesses, like anyone else doing an Oscar pool, so I admit I lucked into both picks. That being said, it’s pretty sad when I’m doing better at forecasting in the categories where I haven’t seen any of the nominees.

The most wide open category entering the night goes to Tilda Swinton. It looks like that last minute buzz was true. This will probably be the consolation prize for Michael Clayton. I was pulling for Amy Ryan, but Swinton’s win is pretty deserving too.

The Coen brothers win the first of what should be at least three awards, taking home Adapted Screenplay.

Poor Amy Adams. She has to sing Happy Working Song without any fanfare and then watch someone else sing That’s How You Know with a full cast of dancers. I’m anxiously waiting for Falling Slowly from Once.

They just announced Best Actress is about to be presented, so they really are spreading it out this year.

Knocked Up’s Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill add a little humor to Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Both awards go to The Bourne Ultimatum, giving Bourne a shot to win three technical awards if it takes Editing as well.

Best Actress goes to Marion Cotillard, continuing the trend of awarding mediocre films. No offense to Cotillard, who was very good, but her performance was the only thing that made La Vie En Rose watchable. That could be the worst Best Actress winner since Jessica Lange won for Blue Sky.

That being said rentals for Rose should skyrocket in the next few days.

If you took Bourne Ultimatum as the nights big winner in your pool you are looking good in your pool. Bourne just picked up its third award of the night for Editing, denying everyone a chance to see who would accept the award if No County won. The Coens edited the film, but used an alias in the final credits.

Once gets its just award, Best Original Song. This almost makes up for Cotillard – almost. Glen Hansard gives a speech, ABC goes to commercial, and comes back with Stewart allowing co-winner Marketa Irglova a chance to say thanks as well.  Irglova’s speech proves to be one of the most elegant of the night.

There Will Be Blood finally gets on the board with Best Cinematography.

Watching the list of people who passed away in the last year, it’s still hard to believe Heath Ledger is dead.

Atonement gets on the board with Best Original Score.

Six awards left, beginning with Documentary Feature and Short.

Freeheld gets Short, while Taxi to the Darkside upsets No End in Sight for Feature. You have to give the Academy credit, they have certainly been unpredictable this year.

Diablo Cody, former exotic dancer turned screenwriter, is now an Oscar winner – taking home Best Original Screenplay. If Juno was going to win anything, it had to be screenplay. The dialogue was the sharpest and freshest of any film in 2007.

At least the Academy got Best Actor right. Daniel Day-Lewis wins for There Will Be Blood. Lewis thanks writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (who should win director, but won’t). As humble as Lewis is, it is hard to believe that he could be capable of creating a character like Daniel Plainview. That’s why he may be one of the best living actors today.

After winning Best Director, Joel and Ethan Coen might as well stay on the stage and accept Best Picture. On a night of surprises the final 30 minutes proves to be quite predictable.

The final tally is No Country for Old Men with four awards (all in the major categories), The Bourne Ultimatum with three awards, and There Will Be Blood and La Vie En Rose with two each. On a year full of quality, the Academy did a decent job of spreading the wealth.

Here is a list of winners

  •  Best Costume – Elizabeth: The Golden Age (I picked Atonement)
  • Animated Feature – Ratatouille
  • Makeup – La Vie En Rose
  • Visual Effects – The Golden Compass (I picked Transformers)
  • Art Direction – Sweeney Todd (I picked There Will Be Blood)
  • Supporting Actor – Javier Bardem
  • Live Action Short – Le Mozert Des Pickpockets
  • Animated Short – Peter and the Wolf
  • Best Supporting Actress – Tilda Swinton (I picked Cate Blanchett)
  • Adapted Screenplay – No Country For Old Men
  • Sound Editing – The Bourne Ultimatum (I picked Transformers)
  • Sound Mixing – The Bourne Ultimatum (I picked Transformers)
  • Actress – Marion Cotillard (I picked Julie Christie)
  • Editing – The Bourne Ultimatum (I picked No Country For Old Men)
  • Foreign Language – The Counterfeiters
  • Original Song – Falling Slowly from Once
  • Cinematography – There Will Be Blood
  • Original Score – Atonement (I picked Ratatouille)
  • Doc Short – Freeheld
  • Documentary – Taxi to the Dark Side (I picked No End In Sight)
  • Original Screenplay – Juno
  • Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Director – Joel and Ethan Coen
  • Picture – No Country For Old Men

8 Responses to MOVIES: Live Oscar Thoughts

  1. jeff beard says:

    I think he’s probably right. I am surprised that there is really nothing for Michael Clayton. If it is up for Adapted Screenplay, maybe it will get that instead.

  2. mcompton says:

    Jeff, if it wins anything it might be Tilda Swinton. There has been a lot of late buzz, so we’ll see.

  3. Warren says:

    Why are the people behind the Oscars biased against sports movies. Are they jealous they were probably never good at athletics and therefore hold a grudge.

  4. brian synestro says:

    Good morning, and ahoy, mister compton. How’s Jon Stewart been doing?

  5. mcompton says:

    I think he’s been very funny. It helps that he is playing to a very Democratic crowd.

  6. brian synestro says:

    Whoa, a long shot gets the nod for Sup. Actress.

  7. mcompton says:

    Since Entertainment Weekly picked Swinton earlier this week the buzz has really picked up. Looks like this was the way to reward Michael Clayton.

  8. brian synestro says:

    Wanna keep the time down on Oscars? Stop performing the songs and treat them like the other nominees.

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