If you wander through a doctor’s office on your way to a checkup and see someone in a mask, slowly back away.

They likely are there to be tested for a flu that is circulating in the area. Either that or they’re planning to rob a pharmacy. Either way, back off.

I had the misfortune of wearing one of those Daffy Duck looking masks Tuesday and tested positive for the flu, which I don’t remember having since I was a kid. A nurse will swab the inside of your nose, ending somewhere near the base of your brain, to begin the flu test.

As reported in the Daily News, the flu is widespread in the region. It is not a fun time, even though while nursing yourself back to health, there’s plenty of biased TV news coverage of the election to mock.

But the most important thing is to get diagnosed early and take whatever steps possible to ensure those around you aren’t infected with the virus. It can be dangerous, particularly for the very young and very old.

I was prescribed Tamiflu, but it must be taken between 12 and 48 hours after the onset of symptoms.


*If you’ve been on one couch for too long, be daring: move to another one. Then rest.

*If you have a dog, pet it for a few minutes. Then rest.

*If it barks too much, get up and smack it. Get back on the couch.

*The key here is drink plenty of fluids, which is a tired phrase. What else can you drink, solids?

*Call someone you know who has the flu and chit chat about your symptoms. Kinda like exchanging recipes. Brothers in flu!

*Watch TV, but only between naps.

*Thank God that what you have is temporary.


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