Fake Social Security cards – $150. Business sense – Priceless


A fake ID card 



The recent indictment of a Bowling Green man who faces federal prison and deportation for making fake Social Security cards and IDs, offers a quick lesson in supply and demand. 


According to U.S. Western District Attorney David Huber, 24-year old Rosendo Mendoza-Rodriguez, also known as Rogelio Villalon, of 1130 Roselawn Way produced was sentenced in u.s. district court on March 5 for selling and making the fake cards. 


What is interesting is that he was able to sell them for $150 a set — anything sold for that much garners importance and shows desperation. 


Armed with a make-shift trailer that had a laminating machine, printer, and other items, Rodriguez and conspirator Olegario Gregorio took pictures for the IDs at a house on Durbin Street and then drove to a trailer on Russellville Road to make and sell the fake cards — I bet you never thought such transactions could take place in Bowling Green. But open your eyes — the delicate immigration issues America faces is reflected throughout the Bowling Green community in unlikely places. 


The lengths that some will go to in order to pose as an American citizen speak to the struggles of more than 11 million illegal immigrants estimated by the Pew Hispanic Center and the U.S. Census Bureau to live in the U.S. 


But who needs documents when you have ITINS? Known as an Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITIN, the number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service for certain resident and non-resident immigrants, their spouses and their dependents who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security card, according to the IRS. 


Illegal immigrants are already taking part of nearly every aspect of the American economy, paying rent and utilities, using cell phones, buying cars, meals, clothes and haircuts, sending mail and money transfers, paying local attorneys for immigration work and divorces, and eating at local restaurants – all of which add to the goods and services consumed. With ITINS, they are buying houses and obtaining life insurance. 


No matter where you stand on the issue, Rosendo Mendoza-Rodriguez’s business sense highlights a complicated issue in America when it comes to undocumented workers and illegal immigrants.


Rodriguez will serve a year and three months in federal prison. Rodriguez was indicted on similar charges in eastern Kentucky after being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigations last March. Gregorio also pled guilty to similar charges and was sentenced last year to a year and three months in federal prison. 


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