Getting a shot of the shot…

It is just about 20 minutes before the WKU UCSD game here in Tampa and like a player I have pre-game nerves. Ty Rogers amazing shot in the first game at the buzzer is still fresh in my mind even though the game is long over. It was one of the most nerve-wracking sporting events I have ever shot.

I was pretty fortunate to get a picture of Ty Rogers shot. I tried to follow the play as it came up the court and the time winded down. Usually you can predict what is going to happen and in this case I didn’t think he would be the one to get the ball for the last second shot. It was far away when he got the ball and the referee blocked my view momentarily. I was pretty aware of the time left and after I saw he shot I immediately swung my camera to the bench which was pretty close to my right thinking it would be a dejection shot of the Western players.

It was a shock to see them celebrating!

Rogers and the team ran out and went celebrating on the far side of the court. I almost ran out onto the court like I did during the Sun Belt victory but quickly remembered the NCAA rules forbidding it, so I never got pictures of him pointing to the heavens  and being thankful to God for his historical score.

I noticed he was pointing upwards with two fingers later, I like to think he was being thankful for his shot, and my shot, of him.

I guess I should have more faith and more faith in Ty Rogers too.

I hope we don’t need too many more miracles this game and it is decided early because right now my nerves are the only thing shot.


One Response to Getting a shot of the shot…

  1. Very nice shot! By both of you. Great slideshow too. The one of the bench is great.

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